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Snacking in America Infographic


Make no mistake; we’re living in the Great Age of Snacking. One doesn’t have to look too long or hard to find headlines about how Americans are snacking more often. It seems like another lifetime ago when snacks were considered a “special treat,” a reward reserved primarily for kids. Not so today. Snacking is not just for kids and almost any food and beverage can be a snack. 

As a special thank you to those of you who participated in our Snacking survey, we compiled the results into an infographic that provides a snapshot view on America’s snacking behaviors. Click on the image for a larger view. 

We sincerely appreciate your participation in our surveys. We’ve posted a survey online that focuses on New Year’s Resolutions, so be sure to visit the survey’s page to provide us your views. This survey will be on line until January 18. 

Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year,

Your HartmanSalt team. 

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