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Companies can’t make better stuff without you! This is why your opinion is so valuable. So, when companies want to know what you think about the foods and beverages you already enjoy, they come to us for help.

As a member of the HartmanSalt panel you have the opportunity to take surveys and polls to contribute your thoughts on a wide range of topics within the world of food and food culture. When you participate in these surveys you will have a chance to win cash rewards or other prizes. Your input is delivered directly to companies—so your voice is heard (though anonymously, since we strictly protect your privacy).

Polls are brief, two-to-five-question online surveys. Polls are a voluntary, fun way for you to compare thoughts and habits with other members of the HartmanSalt community.

Remember to come back often to see which new surveys and polls have been posted. You will also receive notification of new surveys and polls by email.


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